Managed Accounts


The most important characteristics of managed accounts are as follows:


  • An investor can benefit from participation in the largest international financial market without specialist knowledge and experience, since his capital is managed by experienced traders only;
  • The investing performance of individual traders is published online by Forex brokers who are regularly inspected by regulatory bodies throughout the world;
  • A trader shares in the profits and losses by engaging his own capital, which means that he has a vested interest in an effective market activity;
  • An investor can at any moment withdraw or deposit funds to different PAMM accounts;
  • All the settlements, including commission on profit, are carried out in automatically, thereby reducing the risk of the so called human factor;
  • A trader’s activity is fully transparent to all investors, because the results of investing can be followed in real time on the brokers’ websites;
  • An investor can deposit funds to different PAMM accounts in order to diversify risks and increase returns;
  • Individual transactions concluded by a trader on the currency market are not seen by investors, so the trader’s unique investment strategy or system remains secret and cannot be followed and copied;
  • The risks associated with investing in PAMM accounts are much smaller than if one makes individual investments on the Forex market, since transactions are only carried out by experienced traders with years of experience working in the market