In order to attract foreign capital to the Polish market and to procure investments in Polish companies and projects, STARHEDGE has established worldwide contacts with business entities operating in various markets in Western Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland), Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria), and other global markets (US, Japan, China). The aim of establishing contacts with foreign investment funds, multinational corporations, and private investors is to establish joint ventures and attract direct investments in the development of our Company. International cooperation in various fields helps the Company to identify efficient investments and obtain new sources of funding. At the same time, STARHEDGE seeks to establish relationships with local (domestic) investment funds, private investors, and public sector entities in order to jointly benefit from various long-term projects and synergies. Joint operations in multiple markets, both international and local, are performed in accordance with the lines of development envisaged in STARHEDGE’s strategy.