The main objective of STARHEDGE is to benefit from investing in market niches and to conduct balanced management of its portfolio of assets and financial instruments. Another objective is to achieve the optimum level of liquidity by means of an investment model that includes short-term, medium-term, and long-term investments.


The company’s philosophy is based on portfolio diversification such that the liquidation of assets can be performed at a rate of 20% per month.

Fundamental objectives of the Company:

  • stable returns on investment capital at an annual rate of up to 10% and continuous increase in the company value
  • creating alternative financial instruments in accordance with EU guidelines for the financial sector
  • promoting energy and materials saving to reduce environmental degradation
  • expanding the operation of STARHEDGE subsidiaries in different countries in order to achieve a market advantage over the competitors
  • implementation of modern technologies resulting in an increased eco-efficiency of production