STARHEDGE is involved in the acquisition and sale of large blocks of shares of public companies and in the issuance and sale of financial instruments, including the following:

  • structuring the merger or takeover of a public company
  • acquisition or sale of shares in public companies, also as part of a merger or takeover
  • restructuring of business entities, predominantly public companies


STARHEDGE conducts sector analyses both for its own use and for its customers. The analyses are based on the examination of the attractiveness of individual companies and the efficiency of the entire sector and on the most important indicators. A crucial part of the analysis is the assessment of sensitivity to the following external factors: 

  • business environment
  • technology
  • employment structure
  • experience of the management
  • innovativeness and uniqueness of the technologies used
  • the situation of the sector in other countries
  • competition
  • suppliers and buyers