The financing activity of STARHEDGE S.A. is strongly correlated with its existing business strategy and is based on investment portfolio diversification and optimum risk management. The Company’s investment policy has achieved a new quality thanks to investment tools that are able to generate stable cash flows from financial instruments available on the market, M&A operations and contractual capitalization instruments.


Raw materials provide the foundation for the economic development of any country. In recent years, the ever-increasing demand for raw materials caused by the growing consumption in many economies has resulted in a spectacular growth of various commodity groups. Commodities, due to the short-term stability of their prices and the fact that their supplies are necessary to build economies, currently offer one of the safest investment opportunities on the market. They can significantly contribute to portfolio diversification reducing unwanted risks.


Power industry and energy security constitute a strategic issue for any business, government or individual. The industry is a kind of economic lifeblood essential for any business or enterprise. That is why there is a huge potential...

renewable energy sources

The use of renewable energy excludes a long-term deficit, since its sources are quickly replenished. In most cases, sources of renewable energy are almost inexhaustible. One of such sources is wind power…


In recent years, the market of new technologies has been booming thanks to multiple factors such as higher prices of raw materials, goods and services and the fact that new technologies are cheaper, more environment-friendly and show greater promise for further market growth. Support for the development and application of new technologies offered by national governments, the European Union and by corporate and private investors makes it possible for entrepreneurs to launch new manufacturing and service industries that have so far been hampered by the huge initial costs required to develop technologies.

Real Estate

The real estate market is still regarded by many investors as one of the most secure ways to multiply capital. This market is very sensitive to the situation in other sectors of national economies such as the financial, development and construction industries…


Starting from 2013, the development market has been experiencing a gradual recovery. Favourable terms of credit, market support programmes, and the continuous demand for new housing have propelled the development business, giving rise to new investment projects.