About Company

STARHEDGE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, or STARHEDGE S.A. for short, is a public company listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company makes investments in the financial sector, commodities market, power industry, new technologies, and real estate market.
STARHEDGE SA is currently owned by a number of Polish and foreign investors. Among the major Polish stockholders in the Company, one should name Mr. Dariusz Wojdyga, a well-known investor who has owned several companies, notably HOOP S.A., which was transformed in 2008 and is currently listed on the stock exchange as KOFOLA S.A, Nord Development and Piano House development companies, and other companies operating in various industries, e.g. Ecowipes,, and the OPERA Investment Fund Company.
One of the foreign stockholders is the German fund STAR Ventures GmbH, which specializes in investments in listed companies that operate in international capital markets. STARHEDGE primarily buys stock in companies from the financial sector, power industry, and real estate industry. It also makes investments in commodities and other financial instruments, including derivatives (futures, options, currencies). The company has made investments in the renewable energy sector by acquiring shares in companies that own photovoltaic panels and specialize in services related to the sale and distribution of energy.
Through the consistent implementation of its business strategy and dynamic expansion, STARHEDGE intends to achieve a sharp rise in equity capital and ensure profitability at the annual rate of 10%. The business activity of the company mostly consists in diversified investing and financial operations. As part of this activity, the company acquires financial instruments such as stocks in public companies and derivatives, including those traded on the FOREX market. Other investment activity is focused on the private equity sector within the real estate development and brokerage industries. STARHEDGE SA has also entered several EU markets, where it has made investment consistent with its investment strategy.