In view of the increasingly rapid development of global financial markets, STARHEDGE has already based its investment strategy on the most advanced financial instruments. Long-term investments are preceded by a fundamental analysis taking into account the macroeconomic situation, sector analysis, and an analysis of the operation of a given entity/issuer including a comprehensive valuation of the company using financial and situational analysis. Special importance is also attached to historical and microeconomic data.
STARHEDGE invests in financial instruments such as shares and bonds issued by listed companies, futures, commodity and currency options, as well as equity interests in private companies or so-called Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). All the instruments acquired by the Company are acquired as part of the following investment profile.
Twenty to thirty percent of portfolio transactions are performed on contractual instruments. Between fifty and sixty percent are assigned to stocks and bonds. The remaining twenty percent of the portfolio are constituted by investments in private equity, of which up to ten percent can be spent on investments in alternative financial instruments such as binary options.