Real Estate

The real estate market is still regarded by many investors as one of the most secure ways to multiply capital. This market is very sensitive to the situation in other sectors of national economies such as the financial, development and construction industries. Starting from 2013, the market has been showing signs of recovery. More and more projects are being launched both in Poland and internationally. It follows from the observation and analysis of developments in the real estate markets around the world that there is an investment potential in this sector of global economy. Market changes, reflected in the growth of real estate prices in nearly all EU countries, indicate that the real estate market is currently on the rise and that one can expect many new investments in this sector. The strategy adopted by STARHEDGE provides for new investments in real estate as part of portfolio diversification.

In this connection, the company envisages further investments in residential and non-residential real estate to achieve optimum rates of return. In accordance with the strategy adopted by the company, its management will use market analysis to identify the most economically viable investments with the shortest payback period possible (given the prevailing trends and the condition of the industry).