Management Board

Moshe Hayman – Vice-Chairman


Mr. Hayman graduated from the University of Tel Aviv, where he had studied management and marketing. He began his career in 1980s in Israel as a merchant, manager, and advisor on business development. Starting from the nineties, he has been involved in a number of highly profitable real estate projects financed by the local capital markets primarily in Eastern Europe and Russia. He has also performed the restructuring of several Israeli companies operating on the European market. In 2000, he became Chairman of the Ulpan association established by Yonah Bookshtein and financed by the Lauder Foundation. In subsequent years, he has held managerial positions in a number of companies with Israeli capital specializing in the import of electronic equipment and in services. One of such companies is CoffeeTo-Go, where Mr. Hayman served as a member of the management board. In recent years, he has been involved in charitable activities and in promotion of non-profit organizations and foundations.