The main areas of STARHEDGE’s activity are investing, consulting services, and charity. The investing activities of the Company constitute the core of its operation. Investments are mostly made in shares, bonds, and derivatives, including structured financial instruments. The Company chooses the most economically viable projects in various market sectors such as new technologies, commodities, energy and renewable energy, and real estate. Analyses of specific markets performed by the Company identify projects that should in the near future yield intended revenues. The consulting activities of the Company are aimed at clients who are planning to acquire or are in the process of acquiring large blocks of shares in public companies or have plans to issue and sell financial instruments. Our goal is to develop relationships with the key customers that would foster a common market strategy for a number of economic entities, private and public alike. The Company’s charitable activity is based on cooperation with the leading Polish and foreign charities whose primary objectives coincide with that chosen by STARHEDGE, namely to assist talented young people. The charitable activity of the Company is closely correlated with its core business, mission, and development strategy.