Andrzej Jasiński

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


He started his career in 1970s and since then has held various managerial positions in state-owned and private companies, served on supervisory boards of state-owned and public companies. Below we provide more details about Mr. Andrzej Jasiński:



  • professor – awarded professorship in the field of Earth Sciences, 1998
  • postdoctoral theses – AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, 1989
  • D. – AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, 1975
  • Sc. – University of Wroclaw, 1974, geology
  • Sc. in engineering – Wroclaw University of Technology, 1970, oil and coal technology, Dept. of Chemistry
  • Certificate in waste management No. 2006/018 (28.03.2006; Polish Chamber of Commerce for Sustainable Development)
  • Took a course for candidates for positions on the supervisory boards of state-owned companies, passed the state exam on 06/29/2002
  • Appointed a charted expert in the field of environmental impact assessment by the Governor of Lower Silesia, 2000
  • Passed a special exam held by the Ministry of Economy for candidates for positions on the supervisory boards of coal companies, 1999
  • Appointed a charted expert in the field of environmental impact assessment by the Minister for the Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry, 1998
  • Polish-American Business School, Centre for Continuing Education, Wroclaw University of Technology, 1998
  • Katowice School of Research Organisation for the senior management of research and development units established by the Centre for Technical Progress of the Ministry of Science, Higher Education, and Technology, 1977
  • Completed a course for prospective members of the supervisory boards of companies solely owned by the State Treasury and passed the state exam in 1995,
  • Completed a course for prospective members of the management and supervisory boards of commercial companies organized by the Inter-Province Training Centre for Public Servants in Wroclaw and passed the final exam in 1993

Languages: English, French, German, Russian
Professional experience:

  • since 2012 – member of the Supervisory Board of Krezus S.A. National Investment Fund operating in the raw materials sector
  • since 2010 – owner of the AWJ consulting company
  • from 2006-02-13 – member of the Steering Committee of the Government Programme for Brownfields Development
  • 2003/2004 – chief director for resource management and ecology for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., one of the largest producers of silver and copper in the world
  • from 21.03.2002 – member of the National Council for Environmental Protection
  • since 2010 – unpaid advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Economy
  • 1998-2002; 2007-2008 – unpaid advisor to the Secretary of State/Government Agent for the Promotion of Alternative Energy Sources
  • 03.2002-2007 and again since 2008 – unpaid advisor to the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection
  • 01.2002–2003 – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PLASTEKOL Organizacja Odzysku S.A., a company specializing in materials recycling and recovery
  • since 1998 – member and vice-chairman of the National Committee for Environmental Impact Assessment; currently presides over the Committee
  • 1998-2002 – advisor to the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources
  • 1989-2010 – Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Wroclaw
  • 1988 – GLERL, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • 1987 – head of the M-programme (rare earth elements, Mongolia, deposits, technology)
  • 1986 – Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • 1982-1984 – Instituutvoor Aardwetenschappen /Institute of Earth Sciences/, Vrije Universitet, Amsterdam
  • 1975-1976 – geochemical prospection and mining operations (KOPEX Katowice), Vietnam

Works and publications:

  • about 100 papers published in Poland and abroad on technologies in the energy industry, environmental protection, and exploitation of ore deposits
  • about 100 unpublished papers commissioned by industrial companies, state and local government administrations
  • multiple expert opinions on environmental impact assessment
  • reviews of works in theoretical and applied science
  • co-reports on applied science and technologies
  • patents relating to the hydrometallurgical processing of copper ore

Other business-related activities

  • Polish Chamber of Commerce for Sustainable Development (since 2008) – Vice-President
  • International Institute for Conciliation and Arbitration (since 2004) – member of the Board of Directors
  • European Chamber of Arbitration in Warsaw (since 2002) – Secretary of the Board
  • Lower Silesian Business Association (since 2002) – Vice-chairman
  • Economic Council of the Lower Silesian Province (2000) – President
  • Wroclaw Branch of Bank Ochrony Środowiska /Environmental Protection Bank/ S.A. (1996-2000) –advisor to the Branch Manager
  • Bank Cukrownictwa /Sugar Industry Bank/ ‘CUKROBANK’ S.A. (1995-2000) – advisor to the President
  • Bank Zachodni S.A. (1996-1999) – advisor to the President on commodities
  • Rudy i Metale Nieżelazne /Ores and Nonferrous Metals/ (since 2003) – member of the editorial board
  • Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences for Sustainable Mineral Resources Management – member of the Committee
  • Polish Geological Institute (since 2003) – member of the Scientific Council