Conventional energy sources

Energy and energy security is a strategic issue for any business, country or individual. It is the lifeblood of economy, required for the very existence of any company or enterprise. Besides transportation, energy is one of the most important aspects of the functioning of the economy. Therefore, energy market has a huge development potential.

The development of many sectors of economy crucially depends on access to energy supplies. According to the latest economic forecasts, the average growth rate of the energy sector is ca. 2.8% per year. UNCTAD estimates that energy-related projects account for about 8% of all direct investments around the globe, and their value has been growing at a very fast rate since 2011. The constant increase in the efficiency of energy production and the continuing decline in the relevance of conventional energy sources such as coal, petroleum, etc. mean that this industry harbours a huge investment potential. According to EU plans, by 2040, the share of energy produced from renewable sources will reach at least 20%. One should also keep in mind that new investments in the renewable energy sector will be launched in pursuance of the climate packages adopted by EU countries as part of the transition to a low carbon economy.