Under the strategy adopted by STARHEDGE, instruments of various time scheduling can be joined to create so-called hybrid instruments that combine functionality with the ability to generate profits from exchange differences, share prices, and other instruments that show a close positive correlation. Among other things, the use of hybrid instruments allows for rational risk management and a swift response to changing market conditions by adjusting or opening positions depending on the degree of investment risk in the prevailing economic conditions. The Company selects financial instruments so that their liquidity is adjusted to the market situation in a given period. Transactions on the secondary market of securities are carried out through organized regulated markets, non-regulated markets including the alternative NewConnect trading system, and through unorganized markets.

In its operation, STARHEDGE also uses derivative instruments whose main objective is to reduce investment risks, and in particular, the price risk associated with the trading of financial instruments, and performs arbitrage operations in a way that generates income with minimum risk and without additional costs. Using derivatives one can achieve a high rate of return on investments in currencies, commodities, stocks, and stock indices, as they have an inbuilt leverage mechanism (1:10 / 1: 100/1: 1000).